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Mind Games

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Six Clearview Middle School seventh-graders are $500 richer after buying a Maryland State Lottery ticket this week in order to test a scientific hypothesis.

Benjamin Lloyd, 12, whose father purchased the winning ticket, declined to discuss details of the students’ experiment, citing concerns of competition in the March 13 state science fair. . . . Mr. Ennis was as tight-lipped as his students regarding the nature of their experiment. “They plan to go public at the science fair. And that’s about all I can say. But,” he said, grinning, “I do predict a win.”

Thus reads an article in the Waverly Times, which is Exhibit Ain the Mad Science Club’s report to prove the existence of ESP. As told through the individual voices of a diverse cast of characters, Mind Games crackles with personality. Discoveries from the paranormal to the personal abound in this insightful exploration of friendship, science, ESP—and the lottery.

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“Grunwell’s story not only realistically captures the concerns of middle-school students but also presents the characters’ stories in an original and imaginative way.”

American Library Association

“The book, which includes charts, newspaper clippings, and test data, is a fast-paced and fascinating read. It’s safe to predict that it’ll be a winner, too.”

School Library Journal

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